Dress Code

In order to enjoy your visit to Mount Kisco Country Club, we ask that you observe our dress code, as follows (please check with your host with any questions):

  • Dress Code

    1.      The Club expects members and guests to be dressed in the manner befitting a membership in a private club.  Blue jeans, denim and fabric appearing to be denim are prohibited. Short shorts, cargo sorts, tee shirts, Hawaiian-style shirts, and bathing attire are prohibited in the Clubhouse and at the golf facility. 

    2.      Golf, tennis and other appropriate casual attire is permitted in the grillrooms, bar and terrace at all times and in the dining room except for Friday and Saturday evenings. Members and their guests should at all times have their shirts tucked in. Men are required to wear jackets in the dining room on Friday and Saturday evenings.

    3.      Suitable footwear must be worn in all other areas of the Club. Suitable footwear includes shoes, tennis shoes, sneakers, and sandals.   Socks-only are not considered suitable footwear in the Clubhouse.  Golf shoes (soft spikes) are allowed throughout the clubhouse except in the dining room during dinner. Flip flops and croc style shoes are prohibited except at the pool. 

    4.      Golf shirts, skirts, slacks, knickers, or Bermuda shorts (or shorts of similar length) are the only acceptable attire for the golf facility.  Proper golf shoes are the only permitted footwear on the golf course.  Caps are not to be worn backwards.

    5.      In the pool area, swimmers must wear proper bathing attire.  Persons in bathing attire or with bare feet are not permitted to leave the pool area.

    6.      Tennis attire will consist of whites or other proper tennis apparel and tennis shoes only.  The Tennis Pro shall be the final arbiter and is authorized and required to enforce this rule.

    7.      Hats are not to be worn in the clubhouse except in the men's and ladies locker rooms and terrace area.  Women are allowed to wear hats in the bar.

    8.      It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the member’s guests are dressed according to the Club rules. The general Manager and his staff are authorized and required to enforce this dress code.